Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dark Knight Software?

Dark Knight Software, or simply DKS, is a mostly one man operation that has been developing free, classic-style role playing games.

What is a classic-style RPG?

Classic-style RPGs are noteworthy for their pixelated tile graphics, simplistic user interfaces, and turn based combat systems. Often they are set to fantasy themes, and try to emulate "golden era" computer and console role playing games such as Ultima, Wizardry, Dragon Warrior, and Final Fantasy.

Why make the Darkages series classic-style?

By the late 1990s, classic-style RPGs were rapidly replaced with action RPGs and 3D environments that took advantage of the popularity of first person shooters and modern graphics technology. The Darkages series paid tribute to those forgotten RPGs of a decade earlier. Ironically, the Darkages series is now often confused as being from that era because it is now nearly two decades old in itself.

Why make the games free?

DKS is not a business, it is a hobby. It does not support anyone's livelihood. These games were created simply to be shared and enjoyed. Plus, there is no tech support, so if the games do not work on your system, you are not owed anything. :) Still, every effort is made to make sure the games work as intended.

What were the games programmed in?

Dark Ages I: The Continents was (and still is) in QuickBasic. This is the reason why it works best in DosBox or a similar emulator. Dark Ages II: Engel was initially developed in QuickBasic, then ported to Visual Basic, and was finally ported to C++.

Is the Darkages series still in development?

Technically, yes. Both games are complete. But occasionally new features are added, and on very rare occasion, released. Most recently developments have focused on porting to modern operating systems so the games can be played without emulation.

What upcoming developments are planned?

A complete port of DA1 to C++ using the SDL library for portability to modern Windows/Linux/MacOS is the primary target. Then perhaps another engine upgrade for DA2 to have similar cross-platform compatibility.

Is there a Dark Ages III in the works?

At this time, no, but the idea is always on the back burner.