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Dark Ages: The Continents

The original console-style RPG, restored after 20 years. Adventure through a deadly fantasy world while solving quests and gathering magic items to defeat the evil wizard, Greyor. Utilizes the latest graphics technology to bring you back to 1986. Grab your game pad and play on PC or Linux.

  • Classic fantasy role-playing game
  • Slay monsters to earn experience and gold
  • Equip your hero with powerful weapons and armor
  • Learn magic spells to outwit opponents
  • Explore deadly dungeons in search of loot

Dark Ages II: Engel

Set several centuries after the first Dark Ages game, much has evolved in the world, particularly the pixel depth. Lead your group of three Thieves' Guild initiates through the land of Engel as they uncover a conspiracy in their ranks. This sequel is a blend of SNES console-style (e.g. Final Fantasy II) and classic PC RPGs (e.g. Ultima VI). Play it on PC.

  • Lead a group of three adventurers, with unique skills to develop
  • Explore a large fantasy world with cities, castles, and dungeons
  • Hundreds of magical weapons and armor to gather for battle
  • Non-linear story; player choices affect which quests become available

Latest Dev News

DA2 Alpha 11, Updates so soon!

Just a quick update this time to fix a very important bug. Like with any classic role playing game, the more you walk along in a dungeon, the more likely you are to be attacked. To make sure the process isn't completely random, the first few steps are free, then each additional step increases the odds of a random battle. In DA2, these steps are measured in pixels. Well, with the old, clunky DirectX 7 version of DA2, a step was measured in multiple pixels to improve game speed. Multiple pixel stepping is no longer required with SDL, and apparently this broke my old random battle code. You could walk the entire game without a single random battle. That's no fun. Needless to say, this was the bug that forced me to release Alpha 11 just three days after the last release. This will teach me to playtest inside a dungeon instead of in a town where battles do not occur.

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